Nordoff Robbins Music Therapist Richard Sanderson工作了adlington庄园自2005年以来。房屋为老年人提供专家护理,以及在其记忆道社区中的专业痴呆症。音乐疗法,在一对一和开放的组设置中提供,适合家庭的精神,如手套,促进自尊,鼓励独立和庆祝生活。

音乐有能力来克服混乱和焦虑,并将人们带到他们可以重新获得方向的“另一个地方”,与其他人联系,并成为他们自己过去的积极情绪体验。看到积极的变化是对我的持续灵感。“Richard Sanderson,音乐治疗师

音乐已成为我们支持adlington庄园的所有人的福祉的真正关键。在某些情况下,它具有在不使用语言的情况下表达感觉和思想的独特能力。Richard Sanderson的鼓舞人心的疗法是康复和提高生活质量的宝贵工具。与整个社区分享集体快乐仍然是一种特权和荣誉。“adlington庄园护理主任Mark McDonald

"Mother was in the care of Barchester for three years, suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease for all of this time. Her condition was compounded with blindness, so her opportunities for sensory pleasure or satisfaction were severely limited. One of her former life pleasures was music and through his outstanding deep understanding and patience, Richard became the focus of any semblance of obvious pleasure she could enjoy through the darkness of her condition. The family and the other dedicated staff had occasion small glimpses of her previous love of life, but it was Richard's unique talents through his use of music that became her one real remaining obvious joy throughout her deteriorating condition. The family is hugely appreciative of the impact that Richard (and Nordoff Robbins) had on mother's final years - we feel he is blessed with a special talent - thank you Richard。“adlington庄园的女儿居民